G&P Philosophy

  1. We lead our companies honestly, reliably and fairly. Together with our employees we create a cordial and humane working atmosphere in the knowledge that this is a foundation of our success.
  2. We behave without prejudices and with care towards each other and our partners. While doing so, we foster open and honest communication and deal with each other respectfully.
  3. In partnerships we are prepared first to give before we take.
  4. We are prepared to accept full responsibility for our behaviour internally and externally.
  5. We actively pursue promotion of our junior staff on all levels. We pride ourselves in offering equal opportunities for all our employees, regardless of gender or nationalities.
  6. G&P employees know their goals exactly. These goals will be determined periodically on a quantitative and qualitative basis. Every employee independently chooses the means on his/her level which will be required to achieve the goals.
  7. We want to be aware of and precisely know where the strengths and weakness of any business process lie. We do not merely look on in the event of loss-making transactions, but provide an immediate remedy.
  8. If our previous action has not led towards the goal or apparently will not lead towards the goal, we are prepared to acknowledge this, to change our opinion and to make a new choice in the knowledge that (business) life is a continuous process.
  9. We are prepared to relinquish a project or a task at the right moment if this serves our vision and the overall enterprise.
  10. A continuous and sustainable process of improvement guided by timely and sensible innovations is part of our entrepreneurial attitude.
  11. We do not ever allow egomania or striving for power to slow down our projects and ideas.
  12. Our individual physical and mental health is a top priority and we take our individual responsibility in this regard very seriously.
  13. We stand up for our environmental responsibility. Therefore we promote the understanding of a sustainable corporate management and contribute towards a liveable future with specific measures.